The Plummer Terrier Club Of Great Britain was set up by Brian Plummer in 1998 to enable the registration of all Plummer Terriers, known as the "PTCGB Register" with no restrictions other than the dogs be produced by two legitimate Plummer Terriers with proven pedigree with either PTCGB, PTA, PTC or EPTR pedigree. The database is taken from the original foundation register and information dating back  to 1952  to the now famous dogs Brian Plummer used to create and which  eventually  become known as the Plummer Terrier.

All dogs registered are recorded onto a system utilising the latest technology in order to log all details about individual animals and any genetic faults associated with the breed, thus helping to realise a healthier Plummer Terrier. We are currently working with scientific bodies who are researching and advising on both the existing gene pool and health problems. To this end we are undertaking DNA testing of dogs, which is on a voluntary basis, and the information when gathered and collated will further our knowledge base and enable more detailed records to be kept and improve the breed.  Anyone interested in taking part in this scheme please contact us for details, 

Registration of adult dogs is also possible as are outcross dogs that pass our DNA health tests and can prove Plummer Terrier lineage. Any outcross dogs that are approved, by the committee, will be invited onto our outcross register which is being run parallel to our main register. This programme is being carried out to improve the  genetic diversity in the breed which will hopefully result in healthier dogs in the future.

The PTCGB Registrar can provide advice on any potential mating breeders are contemplating based on the information gathered from our register. This allows for further research into the combination of the lines in question and helps to ensure all efforts are being made in order to breed healthy and fit for purpose pups. Free trial mating  certificates provided on request for members.

Please download and print the forms below in order to register your dogs, alternatively we can send the forms to you. Please be aware that registration of litters must be done by the breeder. Registrations are £5.00 per pup or adult dog. Please send a cheque or postal order payable for the full amount to the Plummer Terrier Club Of Great Britain, with your forms. Payment can also be made via the clubs PayPal link: Thank You.

All fees taken via registration or donations are invested back into the breed.

Adobe reader is needed to view and print the pdf documents, please follow the link if you don't already have the software on your computer.

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Total Payment per dog registered can be made via PayPal. Please use the following: