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1. The club now has area representatives in the following areas. They are all members of the PTCGB and are willing to promote the breed in their areas. Any club that wishes to include a class for the Plummer Terrier in their shows please contact the rep for your area  with your show details and we will advertise your show on our events page.



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The PTCGB was set up by Brian Plummer some twenty years ago and the clubs mission statement has remained the same. It states the following.
The clubs general aims are to preserve, protect and promote the Plummer terrier by providing support and a professional platform for all owners and enthusiasts, whilst helping to care for the overall health and welfare of the breed.
This has included the rehoming of Plummer terriers that for one reason or another required our help. This has mainly been carried out by our club secretary who has many contacts in the dog rescue world and has been done at no cost to the club. We have done this even though the majority of the dogs were not registered with this club or had no documentation to prove linage.
Whilst we have been doing this the EPTS had offered a Plummer terrier rehome and sale site which was supposed to provide similar support for the breed. It has now come to our attention that as from the first October 2018 they will no longer provide this service for any Plummer terrier that is registered with the PTCGB. (Not that many of our dogs require rehoming).
With this in mind the PTCGB have decided to make all owners of a Plummer terrier aware that this club puts the interest of the breed foremost in our thoughts and before any political point scoring gimmick that does nothing but harm the breed.
To this end we would inform all owners of a Plummer terrier that the  PTCGB will continue to provide not only a rehome service but also a platform to inform people of any Plummer terrier that may be lost or found irrespective of registration.
Anyone wishing to use this service should contact the club via one of our Facebook pages or email us at the following address,